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Uninsane In Dunsinane

Uncompromising death,
Boot stamp freedom,
Nose blacked with old blood,
Disassociative order,
Lumpen clay and iron,
How a soldier,
Sticking a gun in the face,
Of a crying woman,
And her dirt coloured child,
Barking rote abuse,
As he orders them to the ground,
Honour the soporific of callous empire,
Duty a blind bludgeon,
All the songs a goad,
Barbs unremembered,
Glorious in memoriam,
Gone for blood,
Gone for silver,
Obedience the ill-valoured shield,
Unheartened, unbent, broken,
A madness of iron hands,
Unthought, unyouthed, unlifed, unmanned,
Old as soldiers,
Unhearthed, broken mantled,
Filth-handed, inured,
Implacate reason demeaned,
A clash of scarred shields,
Blazons obfuscated by untempered use,
Ill-meaned, crook-angled, broke-faced, sour-breathed,
Broke-hearted, unlifed, breathing, dead.