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The pavement scars my drunken face in gravel and

her cursing bitumen eyes the houses of her face

more derelict than distraught in their abandon

to an unrelenting season of heat cooled

only slightly by the calming storm

wetted and bedraggled by the rain runnelled gutters

and the debris it casts a dirty city’s jetsam about

my damning atolll whose birds are all dead

of some falling sickness as heavy as gravity and as inexorable.

Such is my defiance that I rise only a little above this earth,

an escape velocity to the first power of c, required,

is beyond me.

The wings of her simple joys, the cathedral of her face,

flies me so high above the accusing fingers of her spires.

Soft with the cumulus, a mist in nimbus,

From here the pavement reviling the footprints

of its billion erosions

is static as a map.



My Heat, You Breathe

It’s been dark for a long time now
The leaves falling to the ground wake me
The earth seems not so cold
Tree roots tendril fingers slow caress
And cage my still heart
Loam in my mouth
Tastes of your soft breath.
A distant susurrus swells my broken chest,
Senses heat and keen to the flood of your warm blush.
Almost, almost enough
To embrace the earth’s long dream,
And quiet.
Yet I yearn my empty eyes to see!
And slowly claw from darkness to the light,
To bring home, my love my cold, cold love to you.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the zombie love genre, as you may know if you’ve read my review here – Five Books You Must Read After You Die, however when written to terrify rather than titillate, the effect is hopefully quite chilling.